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Kongsberg Beam Technology is a MedTech company combining state-of-the-art technologies from different industries into solutions that strongly improve the radiation therapy.

Our MaMa-K system offers proton therapy with unique real-time tracking tools with improved accuracy and precision. We believe that with our solution, proton therapy will further increase its potential and the clinical effects will be significantly better. The number of patients offered proton therapy instead of traditional photon radiation treatment will increase in the future as will the demand for high-capacity proton therapy.

CEO, Kerstin Jakobsson


Based on state-of-the-art technologies, Kongsberg Beam Technology develops add-on proton radiation therapy devices for cancer treatment with higher precision and accuracy, for improved treatment with less side effects.

Our goal

Kongsberg Beam Technology’s goal is to further develop radiation therapy with innovative technical solutions to the benefit of cancer patients and cancer care. Ultimately, with our technology we can save lives and reduce cancer patients suffering around the world.