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European Patent Office grants patent for Kongsberg Beam Technology’s proton beam guiding system, method and related radiotherapy system

Kongsberg Beam Technology partner presents at MedFys 2022

Increased market opportunities for MaMa-K™ including both proton and traditional radiation therapy

CEO Kerstin Jakobsson in Radium podcast on achievements 2021 and focus for 2022

Kongsberg Beam Technology at the NORA Annual Conference

Kongsberg Beam Technology now on LinkedIn

Kongsberg Beam Technology at the LSX Nordic Congress 2021

Kongsberg Beam Technology expands its team and welcomes Eivind Lysheim

Christian Bryn, elected as new Board member of Kongsberg Beam Technology

Kongsberg Beam Technology welcomes Mari Engebretsen Ryttervold to the team

Kongsberg Beam Technology selected to pitch at NLSInvest

Kongsberg Beam Technology participated at the NLSD 2021


Skal hente opptil 20 millioner kroner

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Skuddpremie på bivirkninger

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Experienced CEO joins Kongsberg Beam Technology

Kongsberg Hentet inn 13 millioner

Kreftceller i sikte

Studying medtech with cancer patients at heart

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Semcon responsible for development of revolutionary cancer treatment

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Fikk 22,7 millioner av Forskningsrådet

Skal drepe kreftceller mer effektivt med industriell ammunisjon

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Per Håvards idé kan bli verdensnyhet



About Kongsberg Beam Technology
Kongsberg Beam Technology strives to become a premier partner for leading companies within the radiation therapy industry. Based on its AI-supported software solution, MaMa-K™ can substantially enhance the performance and safety of established treatment equipment and dose-planning systems. MaMa-K makes it possible to monitor and predict anatomical and functional changes of a tumour and surrounding tissue, e.g. organs at risk, between treatment sessions. The MaMa-K software will further allow real-time optimisation of delivered radiation. With these unique properties, MaMa-K has the potential to significantly improve treatment outcomes and limit severe short- and long-term side effects.

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