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Kongsberg Beam Technology is on an important mission developing the next generation´s proton radiation therapy, by personalising the treatment for each patient.

Kerstin Jakobsson, CEO

A few words from our CEO

Kongsberg Beam Technology is on an important mission developing the next generation´s proton therapy, by personalising the treatment for each patient. Proton radiation therapy is already an accepted and established treatment modality in oncology with improved efficiency since it focuses the energy on the tumour itself with less radiation to surrounding healthy tissue.

Our MaMa-K system offers proton radiation therapy with unique real-time tracking tools with improved accuracy and precision. We believe that with our solution, proton radiation therapy will further increase its potential and the clinical effects will be significantly better. The number of patients offered proton therapy instead of traditional photon radiation treatment therapy will increase in the future as will the demand for high-capacity proton radiation therapy.

Kongsberg Beam Technology strives to be the preferred partner of innovative cancer treatment solutions globally, improving precision and accuracy of proton radiation therapy in real-time and doing so further improving the quality of life for patients.

Why are we here

Many people that are going through cancer treatments will suffer from the side effects which for some of them will be life-lasting, as the effects are very serious. Today, healthy tissue is damaged during radiation therapy, and I want to develop a technology that can be more precise and not damage surrounding tissue. It made me start thinking of what could be done to improve their quality of life and reduce the side effects. This was the starting point for Kongsberg Beam Technology AS.

There are excellent treatments available today, but for the last 15 years development in this area has been scarce. In Norway, we have the unique expertise and combination of technologies gathered, and we can add the extra injection of new technologies that will enable a gradual change in the development of proton radiation therapy. Having worked with advanced technology for decades, I have seen the opportunity to improve proton radiation therapy by implementing the most advanced technical solutions which are already in use in other industries. I became convinced that, if anyone can do this, it would be me.

I want to make life better for people going through cancer treatments

The inventor of the MaMa-K system, Per Håvard Kleven, CTO


Board members

Aud Trondvold

Chairman of the board

Aud Trondvold

Chairman of the board

Aud Trondvold holds a master’s degree in engineering (electronics/radio systems) from NTNU and an EMBA from SKEMA Business School. Aud Trondvold serves as Vice President Emerging Projects at Kongsberg Maritime. Previous positions at the Kongsberg group includes Group Innovation Manager at Kongsberg Gruppen ASA, Manager PMO Kongsberg Maritime and Project Manager Kongsberg Defence& Aerospace, Space Department.. Aud Trondvold has also held board positions in Kongsberg Innovasjon and Proneo. 

Trond Hellum

Board member

Trond Hellum

Trond Hellum is  educated as a lawyer from University of Oslo. He has many years‘ experience from investment banking and financial advisory. Trond has been  the lead manager at Bergen Bank Securities as well as the lead manager of DNB Securities’ brokerage division. Trond was one of Saga Corporate Finance’s founders and has worked with corporate finance and M&A since 1991. Trond held the position as Chairman of the Board of Kongsberg Devotek AS from 2001 until Semcon AB took over the ownership in 2015.

Christen Harr

Board member

Christen Harr

Christen Harr holds a master’s degree in civil engineering from NTNU. He currently operates from his own consultancy firm as a senior adviser to major industries. Recent engagements include various projects for Marine Division in Alfa Laval and Integration Manager for Integrating Frank Mohn AS into Alfa Laval. Other positions in the Alfa Laval Corporate AB includes General Manager Channel Management and General Manager Segment Comfort and Refrigeration. As CEO for Alfa Laval Nordic

Christen Harr was responsible for the Alfa Laval sales and service in the five Nordic Countries (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Norway) € 250 million turnover.

Thomas Andersson

Board member

Thomas Andersson​

Thomas Andersson holds a master´s degree in chemistry and a Ph.D. in biophysics from Lund University. He currently serves as Senior Adviser at Oslo Cancer Cluster. Thomas Andersson has more than 30 years’ experience from national and international Biotech and Medtech development. Thomas Andersson´s past engagement at CEO/Board level in the Biotech/Medtech sector includes SpectraCure AB, VibroSence Dynamics AB, Cantargia and Follicum AB. Thomas Andersson has more than 10 years’ experience from commercialization of and investments in early Biotech and Medtech innovations from Karolinska Innovations AB, Karolinska Development AB and Lund University Bioscience AB.

Christian Bryn

Board member

Christian Bryn​

Christian Bryn is the founding partner and CEO of Positron Capital in Oslo, a specialized, independent asset manager within Private Markets investments, and Executive Director of the Hektor / Vindeggen group of investment companies in Oslo, which focus on direct investments in private enterprises with a sustainable business model. 

Christian has more than 20 years of experience from private investments, business development, strategy, and active ownership, and he was previously with PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Zurich and Clariden Bank (Credit Suisse group) in Zurich.

Management team

Kerstin Jakobsson


Kerstin Jakobsson

Chief Executive Officer

Kerstin Jakobsson holds a master’s degree in biochemistry from Lund University. She has hands-on experience from the Medtech industry in Sweden as CEO for start-up companies and a proven track record of bringing a concept from idea to clinical testing and regulatory approval. Kerstin Jakobsson has worked with business development and strategies in the life science segment and commercialized new products/services worldwide.

Kerstin Jakobsson past engagement as CEO and Board level in the Biotech/Medtech sector including eg Medicon Village Science Park, SpectraCure AB, Oncodia AB, Ortoma AB, Glycorex Transplantation AB, SmiLe incubator och STIL foundation and TEM foundation. She has also been part of the management team of Foss/Tecator AB, Perstorp Analytic AB, ReadSoft AB, HemoCue AB. She has more than 10 years’ experience from building the largest life science park and community in the Nordic countries – Medicon Village. She is and has been part of several different external advisory bords of Lund University such as LTHs business council, Crate Health, Foundation board Entrepreneurship (Sten K. Johnssons) and NanoLund.  Kerstin Jakobsson is board member of the MedTech companies DiagonalBio and ProstaLund.

Per Håvard Kleven


Per Håvard Kleven​

Per Håvard Kleven, graduated from Norges Handelshøyskole as “siviløkonom” in 1975. During most of his career he has been managing technical projects, technical departments in larger corporations and smaller technology focused companies.

In 2001 he established Kongsberg Devotek, of which he held the ownership and management responsibilities until December 2015.