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The technology

Proton radiation therapy will be revolutionized, by using unique expertise from Radiumhospitalet and Oslo Cancer Cluster together with cutting-edge technology from Kongsberg.

Unique combination of technology for better precision

Current proton radiation therapy lacks in precision and accuracy in delivering the energy to the right place in the body due to the challenge of movement of organs and anatomy variations.

The MaMa-K system will enable increased precision and accuracy so the optimum dose of radiation can be given to the tumour without damaging healthy tissue. The requirement for balancing between curative effect and negative side effects will diminish. This will enable the use of proton radiation therapy for many types of cancers, save lives and reduce suffering.

Personalised intelligent proton therapy

The MaMa-K system enables the full potential of proton radiation therapy. This is possible by increased precision and accuracy in guiding and modulating the proton beam for optimum energy dose to the tumour with less damage to healthy tissue. The increased performance will lead to more effective elimination of the tumour and spare healthy tissue.

A digital twin

The MaMa-K system includes a digital twin, a dynamic copy of the patient and it is based on input from different sensors and images.

With the collection of data from the sensors and images the digital twin evolves in real-time. The connection between the digital and physical worlds offers enhanced information during the treatment and predicts the motions of the organs. MaMa-K advanced control system simultaneously adjusts the energy-dose in real-time according to the updated dose plan.

The aim is to optimise the energy release e.g., Bragg peak in the tumour in real-time during the treatment to reduce side effects on healthy tissue.

Precision and accuracy in real-time results in significant clinical effects

Today, the precision and accuracy in delivering the energy to the tumour by the use of proton beam is insufficient. The limitation arises due to static dosimetry planning, which causes the need for large safety margins to account for movements and anatomical variations during treatment. Therefore, the challenge is to minimise the damage of healthy tissue while eliminating the cancer cells in the tumour.

Today, the full potential and advantages of proton radiation therapy are not reached as a result of lacking  real-time tumour tracking with beam spot synchronisation.

Precise and accurate dose planning in real-time

Dose-planning is the core of proton radiation therapy. The goal is to shape the geometrical distribution of the energy dose so that it conforms to the three-dimensional shape of the tumour. When tumours are too close to sensitive organs, precision and accuracy matters thus limiting the side effects on healthy tissue.

The MaMa-K system optimises and adapts the dose plan in real-time based on the patient’s movements and anatomy variations and  simultaneously synchronise the beam spot.

MaMa-K system overview

With the MaMa-K system, proton radiation therapy will finally reach its potential and the clinical effects will be significant.